Monday, August 30, 2010

Putting in my time if not distance

So, I was supposed to do 20 mile run pre-lake weekend.  Staying up a little late combined with fatigue caused me to rethink this.  I did my research and found some trails by Lake of the Ozarks that I could get a Saturday run in.  Got up around 7:00am on Saturday, geared up and Brady took me to the trail head.  I'd found a 16.5 mile loop that I planned to hit.  Although my goal was to run for 3 hours and 20 minutes.  I didn't have Garmin with me and trails are a little harder than roads so I decided to go with a time goal.  Shortly after Brady left I realized that the trail I was on was not going to cut it (there wasn't much of a trail and it was flooded).  I tried two other off shoots of the same trail with basically the same results.  I decided to hit roads for a bit and to find some other trails.  The hills were crazy, but I plodded up and down until I found Fawn's Ridge Trail - and wow, what a good name.  I saw no less than 10 deer. 
 It was a nice gravel trail that was easy running.  It was only a couple miles long, but at the end there was the start to another trail - the Lakeview.  
Again, the name said it all.  It was a dirt and rock trail, but in decent shape.  Some areas were a little hard to run because they were narrow and it was a steep ledge, but I just slowed down a bit and enjoyed it.  This trail was around 5 miles long.  Once I finished it I decided I better head back to the first trail head to meet up with Brady for the last 30 minutes of my run.  So, roads again.  By this time it was a little hotter, but I plodded on.  He was there waiting for me and had found one more off shoot of the initial trail that we headed down.  I let him lead the way to take a break from the cobwebs!!  We basically went out and back 10 minutes and called it good.  
Can you see the full cobweb???
We went straight back to the condo, put on swim suits and took a dip - it felt great, although a little cold to my fatigued body.  Sunday became a must needed rest day!  :-)  

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