Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wobbly Wednesdays

I think this will be my new name for speedwork.  Dang it's hot out and my legs start to revolt after going too fast for too long.  Regardless, we all pushed through.  It was down to only the die hards for our weekly punishment - the man, Beth, and myself.
We've been running mostly 400's, throwing in the occasional 200 just for fun, but we decided to switch it up.  Coach Brady had us do 1 X 1600m, 1 X 800m, 1 X 400m, & 2 X 200m with walk breaks in between.  My new 5K goal is 23:00 minutes.  I've been stuck on 24:00 min. for a couple years.  Based on this he sat my 1600m goal between 7:00 & 7:30 min/mile (pace) - I exceeded my expectations when I was able to bring it in at 7:03.  Most likely the fastest mile I have ever run (but that could be because I was quite the little slacker in HS track).
I ran the 800m in 3:23 (6:46 min/mile pace) - not bad, but a little slower than I wanted to be.  The 400m was closer to target at 1:36 (6:24 min/mile pace).  The 200m, where I usually struggle the most, was run at 40 sec (5:20 min/mile pace) - whoohooo.  My 2nd one, where I thought I slowed down immensely was 41 sec (5:28 min/mile pace).  Overall, given the heat and the fact I wasn't feeling great it was a great workout.  Thanks to Coach Brady for pushing me through it.

After speed, we went back to the house and played on the climbing wall for a bit - just to make sure my arms were as fatigued as my legs I guess.  We only made it about 15 minutes before my arms were crying for me to stop, but it was fun.

Tonight is Thursday night group ride - the time where I have to push myself to keep up and then finish strong on Reinmiller - one hilly dang road.

Also, looking forward to running in the morning with Brooke tomorrow.  Hopefully fitting in a long run Saturday and a 50 mile bike Sunday.  *Fingers crossed!!*

Run on, ride on!