Monday, February 15, 2010

Must get more mileage

I am still not hitting the mark when it comes to my running mileage.
Here's the breakdown:

January 31 - February 6
Monday - 4.25 miles
Saturday - 10 miles

February 7 - February 13
Tuesday - 4 miles
Saturday - 6.5 miles roads, 8.5 miles trails

Now, there were a few bike rides, and a handful of spin classes dispersed throughout those days, but still??
This week I have high hopes of running 4 miles tonight (Monday), 6 miles on Wednesday, and 16 miles on Saturday.  That seems a little more appropriate.  After the trails on Saturday my quads were screaming in protest.  That was the first sign I had let my running slide.  My next order of business once I get this pesky running mileage back up will be to get new running shoes.

Here's the decision:
- Stick with the Saucony Omni's I've been running in (and was fitted for after a gait analysis, but cause blisters)
- Give the Mizuno Wave's another try - they seemed to improve my form, but ended up hurting my knees after wearing down a little
- Go back to Asics - I was wearing them when I got the stress fracture, but I don't really think it was related
- Pearl Izumi streaks - I loved them, but they really don't have any support or cushion and I was told they could lead to injury
- Try something new??

Hmmm - just don't know - for now I'm going to try to get in 3 days of running and we'll go from there!


  1. One day down and 2 more to go ;-) I say go back to Asics (but that's cause I love mine).

  2. I think you are doing great! 16 on Saturday....I envy you!:)

  3. Whoops - you can tell I'm not a math major - make that 15 on Saturday - hoping for 16 this weekend though! ;-)

    Brooke - I just might try the Asics again - depending on what colors are available - haha!