Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to running, biking, and crashing

I finished Chicago and headed straight to Atlanta for work (just outside actually in Monroe, GA). That week I was able to make myself run a couple miles on Wednesday (I was very sore in my quads due to lack of training pre-marathon!!). Thursday I ran 3 and it felt better.

The following Sunday I decided to go for a chill bike ride with the man and the niece & nephews on my new cross bike - this seemed like a great idea to help aid my recovery! It was smooth sailing going out. We got to the park and the kids wanted to play around a bit so I thought I would play around myself on my bike. I was riding loops on the asphalt around the area of the park where they were playing - just working through the gears - checking everything out. Next thing I know I'm on the ground. All we can really figure happened is my pedal came out (I was clipped in), possibly on the down stroke, I still brought my left knee up and probably hit it on the handle bars since it's bruised on the inside. Hitting the handle bars with my knee jerked me enough to cause a crash. I landed on my head and rear. I remember thinking I heard my cell phone sliding across the pavement, but later realizing it had been my helmet (the cell phone was still stashed safely in the pocket). I hit hard enough to crack the helmet (let this be a warning to all you who don't wear yours for chill rides - I had mine on as a good example to the kiddos and I am so glad I did!!). I had a tear or two, then shook it off before the kids were cognizant of what had even happened. I had yelled loud enough (unintentionally) when I fell to get the man's attention so he helped me up and helped me put the pedal back on the bike and make some minor adjustments so I could ride home.
I thought all was well until day 2 - I woke up with terrible pain in my neck - ended up visiting the doctor - getting a couple pain meds & a muscle relaxer and taking a couple days off work. The main thing was that I felt it stunted my marathon recovery - it's hard to run when your neck and back hurt.
I finally got back into some mileage the next weekend with 8 miles - they were slow, but felt better.
The weekend after that I had friends along - 1 runner and 3 bikers - we did 8-1/2 miles at a 9:08 min/mile pace - it felt great - this weather was awesome!!
The next weekend (last weekend) I had friends again - 2 runners and 3 bikers - also 30 mph head winds, but we ran 9 miles at a little over 9 min/mile pace - the weather was still great!
I followed that up Sunday riding with the boys - 62 miles on road bikes - they kicked my butt, but it was good for me. I need to push it more.
My body felt it all so I took Monday off.
Tuesday I did a 20 mile ride before work (again with the boys), then went for a walk with a friend after work.
Yesterday I did a 4 mile run after work in the dark - it was cool, and nice - alone and no Garmin - a little refreshing!
Who knows what today will hold?? :-)

Run on!

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