Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's the Final Countdown...

we're leaving together oh, oh...yep, that song is on my iPod too! ;-)
Chicago is a mere 5 days away. It makes me a little nervous just typing that. Each day I update my gmail chat status with the countdown as well and I still am not over the fact that it is so close. I feel so unprepared in so many ways, but here's what I'm going to do:

1. Focus on the good runs I've had - for instance the 12 miler I had Saturday morning with the whole CRC (Carthage Running Club). Very little pain, very few stops, under 2 hours - not too shabby.

2. Take it easy - I've done yoga 3 times in the last 7 days and before that I had done it like 0 times in forever - not, literally forever, but it had been a while. My upper body is tight so no more yoga till after the race. Also, no more biking - I did a hard 20 mile ride on Sunday and backed it up with an 18 mile ride yesterday. My only concern will be with running.

3. Run easy - my focus will be on running, but not fast running from here on out. I'm aware what I do at this point is not going to help me improve my time or go the distance. It's more mental - concentrating on slow, chill runs. Looking at doing a 4-6 miler tomorrow morning, a 2-3 miler on Thursday and maybe a 1-2 mile jog on Saturday to ease my nerves.

4. Enjoy the journey - I will be telling myself this over and over - you can bet on that!! I'm going to use this as my chance to really see Chicago - be intimate with those 26.2 miles. I've walked the city before, but this will be different, it will be alongside 45,000 other runners and I want to savor it.

5. Plan back-up entertainment - yes, I intend to enjoy the journey in itself, but it will be a long journey so I may need more. There will be the iPod, the iPhone (sensing a pattern here), and the iList (ok, there's not iList - it's just a list).
  • iPod - awesome music (still working on the exact playlist & I will eventually post it - suggestions are welcome though!)
  • iPhone - ability to call Brooke & take pics
  • List - I've done this before - make a list of people to run each mile for and think of them while you run that mile (idea courtesy of Kristen Armstrong and Runner's World). I'm modifying it this time - it won't just be people - it will be things, events, upcoming travels that I'll write down and they won't be assigned to a mile because some miles I won't need them.
6. Prep my fuel - kind of like 'Pimp my ride' - no, not really, but I do need to decide what I will carry with me, what I want Brady and Kat to hold, and when I need them to meet me.

7. Get good sleeps - we all know the night before is not the time to get pre-race sleep. And, since we will be in a hotel Friday night as well I need my sleep now.

8. Just relax - that will indeed be the hardest part, but I shall try!!

Till next time.


  1. Sounds like a great plan, Chanti. Enjoy and savour the journey. Best of luck to you!!

  2. Looking forward to an update call or two during the race (but only if you are up for it). Remember I will be with you in spirit but wish it was for real;-)

    Don't forget....don't walk the city on Saturday. You don't want to walk all those miles out when you will need then on Sunday.

    Good luck friend ;)