Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Third time's a charm

Some days I don't feel like a runner - granted they are pretty few and far between, but there are those days. This weekend ended up being one of those 'days'. I had planned to get up on Saturday and get in an easy 12 miler. Easy because I was still recovering from Adventure Race, I gave blood, and rode for 1-1/2 hours the night before. I went to bed early on Friday - got up feeling good Saturday - got dressed and headed out. It was 9am and it was hot, not 90 degrees, but sticky, thick, dense air. I didn't make it two miles before I stopped and had to catch my breath. I kept telling myself to slow down that I wasn't in a hurry, but it didn't help. So, knowing it was a long weekend I decided 'why do today what I can put off till tomorrow??' Bad idea - but isn't it always?? The rest of Saturday was filled with a construction project that included help from my niece & nephews - we didn't eat dinner till 9pm and I went to bed shortly thereafter - exhausted! Sunday came and went without a run - I just didn't feel up to it from the time I got up. I did do core and arm workout before getting back into the construction, but legs were revolting.
Day three came - Monday morning - after a fun-filled Sunday of dinner and a movie with the kiddos. Japanese Steakhouse and 'Night at the Museum, Battle at the Smithsonian' to be exact. I got up before anyone else and headed out - got in 5 miles before meeting up with Brooke at 8am who ran the last 7 with me. I think that's what I was missing - a running partner! ;-)
It ended up being a pretty good run - got me back into anyway - I feel like a runner again!


  1. Glad you persevered! I know what you mean about not feeling like a runner sometimes, but it sure is a sweet time when you do! Was the movie any good?

  2. Yeah, it does feel good when you do!!!

    My 7 year old nephew LOVED it - my 10 year old nephew liked it a lot - my 8 year old neice thought it was OK - I liked it, but I was really tired and it seemed a little long. It had it's moments, but I remembered the first one being a little funnier.

  3. I almost never really feel like a runner ..LOL

    Whenever this occurs ask one of your non running friends to join you on a 12 miler... the look on their face should remind you that you are definitely a runner.

  4. Ha - well, you have a really good point!