Friday, September 5, 2008

Making it back

So, starting back with 1 and 2 mile runs was excruciating - mentally anyway - it was so hard to know that 4 miles used to be my shortest run and then all of a sudden it was the longest. Luckily during my time off of running I was able to ride my bike - that became a bigger part of my life and it helped me to maintain some cardio. This was a great thing to be able to get right back into Adventure Racing!!
I have managed to do 3 Adventure Races so far this year - completing them all! :-)

The first was the Sunflower 12 hour race held in Lawrence, KS. I did this as part of the Thirsty Turtle's team - Scott McGaha, Amy McGaha, and Scott Eis. It was a great time overall - we had challenges for sure, but we finished strong and that was really what was important.

The next race was the Ozark Greenways Adventure Race. This was done as part of the Durty Nellie's Team - Don Presson, Jonas Heter, and John McCoy. We had a really good year - even though some of the team didn't feel they had trained enough our finish was much quicker than normal.

And the last race I did - the Dusk till Dawn race was as a two person all girl team! It was with Amy McGaha and we were the Thirsty Turtletinas. I'm happy to say we finished first in the all girl teams! I must confess that there was only one other all girl team, but we did finish in front of a lot of the all men teams as well - even passing one team in the canoe's - pretty impressive we thought! ;-)

So, next on the horizon will be the Berryman Adventure Race in Big Spring Park near Van Buren, MO. It will be done as part of a new group of Dirty Nelly racers....Don Presson, Jonas Heter, and Brooke Higgins. It is only 3 weeks away - I still need bike time badly, but other than that I feel prepared. Part of that preparation is due to training for the marathon though - it should cover the running portion of the training!

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